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By Alex Cole


Skin and the conditions that affect it can have a huge influence on mental health. From problematic days to glowing skin, it has the ability to give and take confidence. As someone who knows people who have had to deal with facial skin issues, I’m aware of the stress these can cause and guess what happens when you get stressed: more spots. Although I’ve not dealt with these conditions, I have extremely sensitive skin and eczema (I don’t think I’ll ever remember how to spell that correctly). Fortunately it isn’t extreme, but all the creams and steroids can’t completely prevent it and I become very aware of the damaged skin all over my hands. So in my search to find yet another remedy to help the issue (if your have a serious condition, always ask your GP or a dermatologist for help first), I decided to research into the ingredients in skin care and cosmetic products. I was amazed to discover how many toxic ingredients are in everyday items that we assume are good for our skin. So many can cause further complications and encourage problems such as acne. But there are also some amazing companies out there that make great products and care about their customers. So here are some brands that make products with the aim to help their customers and make them feel happy in their own skin.


















  A quick reminder however: spots are normal. Eczema is normal. Although 'bad' skin isn't shown a lot through the media, it's okay to not have perfect skin every day. Whether your skin type is dry, oily or sensitive, everyone deals with days where they don’t feel particularly happy. Your mental health can be heavily impacted by your physical health and skin needs to be recognised as one of these key factors. For some people a blemish can be a small inconvenience, but for others, it can completely change their mood. Lets not forget they can also be really painful. Both women and men deal with these issues and they need to be discussed more amongst younger generations, so that people can feel comfortable in their own skin or seek help. So they don't feel as if they need to cover up their skin, but instead have a choice whether to or not. To feel comfortable speaking about their problems. It’s okay to find the best treatment and care, suitable for your skin and boost your confidence.




This brand uses clean and natural ingredients that focus on specific problems or requests. I use the night cream, vitamin C cleanser and their signature moisturiser; which have all worked brilliantly. As I have sensitive skin, it's best to avoid face products with fragrance in them and Facetheory provide the choice to have it or not.  However some creams aren’t the best for acne prone skin, so definitely find out your skin type and the most suitable products. They have a skin care questionnaire on their website which suggests ingredients to use or avoid.


Another great clean beauty brand that is beneficial to both you and the environment. They use packaging made from sugar cane and invest in chemicals that don’t damage the ocean/coral reefs. I use the SPF moisturiser and the blueberry booster to protect from UV and blue light. Everyone should be wearing SPF when they go outside, no matter how strong the sun is! It’s incredibly important to protect yourself from harmful rays and keep your skin hydrated.







This is obviously quite a popular brand, but I use the glossier balm dot com lip salve. They describe themselves as a clean company who promote natural beauty. As they are a cosmetic business I suggest researching the specific products Glossier sell and what is best for your requirements (each product has a different purpose, so ingredients vary), I’d definitely recommend the lip balm. It also smells like cake and who doesn’t want that?


Heavenly Organics

I discovered this skin care company while searching for another hand cream to try. My skin gets particularly damaged during the summer and I wanted to find a cream that helped my eczema as well as used natural ingredients. So far, it has worked really well and smells lovely. So if you also go through 1000 hand creams due to a skin condition or changing weather, this is a brilliant brand to try! It’s extremely affordable and they offer a range of products; from masks to facial oils. They also offer a discount on their items when you send your empty packaging back, which they then recycle.

If you know of any other products or methods that are helpful for those with various skin conditions, please let me know!

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